How to Make an Origami Snake

Origami Cobra Snake

Check out step by step video instructions to make an origami cobra snake. This is video tutorial for intermediate level origami artists. It is neither easy or hard to make, if you follow the steps carefully you will be able to make this paper cobra snake. You will need ten to fifteen minutes of time and one paper sheet, possibly green to make it look like a real cobra snake.

This origami model is perfect to practice if you are at intermediate origami skill level and want to improve your paper folding skills to the advanced level. We covered all kind of origami tutorials here on our blog and classified them by categories ( like animals, flowers, etc.) and by difficulty as well, like Origami for Beginners, Intermediate Origami Guides and Advanced Origami Guides.

You can use any paper to make this origami snake model, but it would be best if you use green paper sheet with both ides colored. It is better to use thinner than thick paper because of small details like cobra tooth than can be a bit difficult to fold with thick paper.

You can find various origami snake models, but we choose this one because we find it the most beautiful and not too hard to make. Later we will review another one, easy origami snake for kids model, but it is just a funny paper snake that can be interesting to kids and origami beginners.

How to make and origami snake

This video guide goes slowly and you will be able to see clearly every step. If you find beginner models too simple and feel like you are not improving your paper folding skills making them, then this paper snake is perfect for you to practice. It is neither too simple nor too hard, you will be able to make it successfully and improve your paper folding skills at the same time.

If you enjoy making paper models don’t hesitate to explore further our Easy Origami Art blog and discover more awesome origami video tutorials.


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