How to Make a Cute Origami Cat

How to make cute origami cat

This origami cat is one of the cutest origami designs ever. It is folded by Brazilian origami artist Jo Nakashima. It is beginners to intermediate origami model. It is not beginners level design but probably everyone can complete it with enough effort. Video instructions covers every step so can’t get lost and screw up something.

It is really cute paper cat that you can use to practice origami skills until you advance towards more complex models. If you master it completely you will be able to make it even without this video.

You can make it as a surprise gift for your girlfriend or fold it together with some children to entertain them.

You can use ordinary paper, but colored paper would be better. Use several differently colored paper sheets and make several cats of a different color. That would be really interesting to kids and maybe will encourage them to try to fold some simpler origami models.

As we already said this is intermediate level origami model and you can find more intermediate origami level designs to practice here. Don’t be frustrated if you mess up it or something like that. A lot of people love origami but don’t have enough patience. You always can use new sheet of paper and start all over until you complete it successfully.

If you are not so skilled you will have trouble folding some complex folds. But after you continue with folding and origami practicing you will notice that you are folding more easily even those complex folds.

cute origami cat video instructions

Choose origami tutorials according to your skill level, you can browse them at the top menu. Don’t be rushy, if you jump start immediately with models that are above your skills level you will only frustrate yourself and quit.


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