Easy Origami Heart for Beginners

How to make easy origami heart

Learn how to make lovely origami heart that is easy to make even for total beginners. This video is guiding you step by step throughout this easy origami heart tutorial. You can make this model to practice your skills if you are total beginner or to make a lovely gift for your sweetheart.

This would be great DIY Valentine’s gift that is very cheap to make. All you need is red or pink¬†colored sheet of paper and several minutes of your time. Required skill level to complete this tutorial is very low. You can complete it successfully even if you didn’t fold anything before.

This is perfect model to start with if you are new to origami. When finished it can be used as a gift or some kind of decoration. You can make a lot of those origami hearts and combine them with these origami flowers and use as decoration for weddings and dates.

There are a lot of potential uses and they are limited only by your imagination. If you are a creative person you will be excited to combine this lovely paper heart with other DIY projects and make the final results astonishing.

easy origami heart with video instructions

You will notice that video instructions are very clear and cover every single detail. Every step is described by narrator and shown visually. There are no any difficult step so you actually won’t be able to make mistake if you watch the instructions carefully.

After finishing this you may take picture of it and post it on the Instagram or you other social media profile. Some people even make those origami Valentine’s gifts for money and sell them on Etsy, in their schools or stores.

Explore further our blog and you will find more cool origami tutorials with video instructions. They are sorted according to skill level required to complete them. Start with the Beginners Level Origami Guides and progress towards more advanced ones.


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