Fiery Origami Dragon- Video Instructions

Black Paper Dragon Origami

Watch step by step video instructions and make beautiful origami dragon. It is not beginners guide and probably can’t be completed by everyone, but with enough practice a lot of you will be able to fold it properly. This is fiery dragon origami model designed by Kade Chan and folded by Tadashi Mori.

As I already said this is not origami for beginners, so if your goal is just to practice your paper folding skills than you maybe should check our Origami for Beginners or Intermediate Origami Guides. If you want to continue and try to fold this dragon model, good news are that Tadashi Mori is experienced origami master that will guide you slowly through this model.

He is explaining in detail every step and how he do the folds. Below is the video, it is about 35 minutes long, but will take you at least twice that time because you will need to stop it from time to time and repeat certain steps.

This is the one of the easiest origami dragons, however it is still Advance Origami Guide that can’t be completed so easily. If you want you can explore further our blog and find more origami dragon guides. To be honest this is not my favorite origami dragon, but if you have difficulties to fold the more beautiful models then you should try this one.

Anyway it is interesting to fold different models each time, and this paper dragon is totally worth trying. ┬áIt would be wise to use thin paper with only one colored side. When you finish the dragon non colored side will give some contrast to it’s wings.

Fiery Origami Dragon with Video Instructions

If you complete this paper dragon it would be great if you share your work with us. Fell free to share the image of your dragon in the comment section.